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Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services

Need a commercial locksmith? Lost keys to the office? Or perhaps you’re stuck outside the factory, with a broken key and the entire workforce is waiting behind you. Being stuck outside your business facility is a nightmare and a massive hit to productivity when your supply chain lags, adding to the piles of pending work that must be done. At Master locksmith Bloomington, we put an end to the disasters borne out of emergency situations like these.

Fully licensed and insured

Master Locksmith Bloomington, is fully licensed and insured to provide are customers with quality commercial locksmith services, worry free. Our team consists of highly-trained technicians with the knowledge and experience to restore your access without causing damages to property or personnel. However, accidents can and do happen, no matter how many precautions you may take but you can rest easy knowing we are fully covered.

Access controls

Whether you’re running a traditional business or an exclusive club, you need an access control system in place- and our commercial locksmith service can help you! Any building area with high traffic should be appropriately secured to ensure unauthorized individuals are closed off to private areas. With access controls in place, only those with special permission will be allowed to come and go. Let Master Locksmith Bloomington make your business more secure and have us install an access control system at a price you can afford.

Commercial Key Duplication Service

Is your business ACTUALLY secure?

As an entrepreneur who dedicates themselves to their business, you cannot risk any mishaps. So, when sensitive information falls in the wrong hands, disaster follows. As a quality commercial locksmith service, we ensure that your worksite, plant or office building is strictly closed off to intruders and malicious people who want to harm its reputation. With our commercial locksmith key duplication service, you can distribute keys to only who is authorized.

Replacement locks for filing cabinets

Moved into a new office building and worried that the old owners still have access to all cabinets? Don't leave things up to chance. When it comes to protecting your business from a breach of authority, going the extra mile always pays off. When you hire Master Locksmith Bloomington for all your commercial locksmith needs, we replace locks on every file cabinet with new keys.

Affordable key duplication

Don't buy into the misconception of expensive key duplication. We use the latest technology to recreate identical keys and charge reasonably for it too! Our commercial locksmith service is efficient and professional, conducted by veteran locksmiths known for their expertise.

Commercial keypad lock

Step into the future with reliable keypad locks that keep the barriers down on unverified entities trying to gain access to restricted spaces. Our commercial locksmith team an install smart locks on various types of doors and safes that will alert you of attempted breaches.

Commercial Lock installations and/or repairs

Old or broken locks are massive warning signs you should never ignore. When it comes to running a business, there’s plenty at stake. With Master Locksmith Bloomington, our expert locksmiths will ensure your business, car or home are safe and secure.

If you’re in need of lock repairs or something more complicated, our commercial locksmith services can help- just give us a call!

Our expert locksmiths specialize in commercial installations, and strictly use only top-of-the-line equipment to guarantee long-lasting protection against break-ins.

About Master locksmith Bloomington

We are a proud, locally owned and operated locksmith agency based in Bloomington, Indiana. Driven by a passion to help the community and to stand out in the industry, we’ve created our own standards of quality. We believe in providing customer oriented services which shine through each aspect of our work. Timeliness is our strong suit, and as a mobile commercial locksmith business, we can expedite our work throughout Bloomington and Martinsville. From emergency automotive lock repair and key duplication to smart locks and home key repair, we do it all and beyond.

Commercial Locksmith


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Locked out of our office? Don’t let such setbacks ruin the day when we’re just around the corner. As dedicated locksmiths serving Bloomington and Martinsville, our technicians will reach you in the shortest time possible and get you back inside the car, home, commercial facility, safe or more. Simply call us or head over to ‘book service’ on this website for immediate problem resolution.